Crowns and onlays are used to restore teeth that have little remaining natural tooth and are susceptible to fracture that may threaten the survival of the tooth, such as when a previous large routine filling has been lost, or after root canal treatment.  Crowns may also be placed onto dental implants to restore a space after losing a tooth.  Missing teeth can also be replaced by bridgework, whereby the replacement tooth is supported by crowns, onlays or metal wings attached to either or both of the adjacent teeth.  The materials of choice used in manufacturing the laboratory-made restorations are dependent upon the location of the site in the mouth.  Highly cosmetic, metal-free restorations can be provided, where suitable.  Our dentists are currently using dental laboratories that can provide you with aesthetic restorations manufactured from CAD-CAM zirconium oxide or lithium disilicate all-ceramic restorations, such as IPS e.max, which produces a superior cosmetic result.
When a certain proportion of a tooth has been lost, and there is insufficient tooth remaining to retain a routine dental filling, it becomes necessary to provide a dental laboratory-made restoration.  The tooth is modified and accurate dental impressions are taken to construct working models of your teeth.  The dental technicians are then able to manufacture custom-made precison-fitted restorations that are durable and often wrap around the remaining tooth to prevent further deterioration.
To replace missing enamel and dentine, lost through dental decay or fracture, we offer a wide range of dental materials to restore the cosmetics and function to your teeth and smile.  By using modern bonded composite resin materials, such as ​IPS Empress Direct by Ivoclar Vivodent, or Venus Pearl by Heraus Kulzer, we can reproduce the missing anatomy of the tooth with a shade that complements the surrounding tooth to produce a natural result.  Composite resin can also be bonded in layers to the front incisors to improve the tooth shape, shade and to also camouflage spaces and minor tooth position irregularities.

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