Professional Tooth Whitening from £300.00
Currently, there are two common methods employed​ by dentists to whiten teeth.  You may see adverts promoting rapid tooth whitening carried out in the dental chair, implementing lasers, heat or strong lamps to activate the bleaching product to gain an immmediate result.  The second method is to take accurate dental impressions to acquire dental laboratory-made bleaching trays.  Over a period of several weeks, the trays are loaded with the active product and are worn, typically at night, to gradually lighten the teeth. 
It is the opinion and experience of this dental practice that the second method produces a more reliable and predictable result. There appears to be more independent scientific evidence supporting this opinion, hence this is the only tooth whitening procedure we offer at this point in time.  We also provide a concentration of hydrogen peroxide, or carbamide peroxide, that is well within the legal limit, and with proper use and care, is unlikely to affect the health of your teeth or gums.

The tooth whitening product will only lighten the shade of natural tooth tissue, and will not affect the shade of dental fillings or porcelain restorations such as veneers, crowns or bridges.  Subsequently, these may require replacement following the course of tooth whitening to complement the new shade of the teeth.  Your dentist will advise you prior to any tooth whitening whether this may be necessary.  The scientific evidence also suggests that a small proportion of people (less than 5%) will experience no overall improvement in tooth shade.

Please feel free to discuss any aspect of your smile that you would like to improve and we can discuss the suitable range of options available to you.
In the United Kingdom, only registered dental professionals are currently allowed to carry out any tooth whitening procedures.
The active chemical that whitens the dentine core of the tooth is hydrogen peroxide, or carbamide peroxide, which is closely related.  

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