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The Oral Health Assessment is performed by our dentists to determine the health of your mouth. By assessing the status of your  teeth and their surrounding structures, in combination with your overall dental history, we can identify the current and potential future risk factors that may affect your oral health over time.  Therefore, we can provide you with preventive advice to minimise future dental and oral disease.
Once we have carried out this clinical examination, supported by any special investigations such as x-rays and study models, we can then provide you with the factors and associated risks affecting your current and future oral health.  Following this diagnosis, we can then discuss with you the various treatment options we can provide you to restore your health, and their associated costs so that you may make an informed decision on your treatment plan.

The Oral Health Assessment will include:

  • An assessment of the implications of your general health based on your medical history, current medications, plus any risk factors such as smoking and alcohol.
  • A check for oral cancer, other abnormalities, and their associated risk factors.
  • A check for bleeding or pocketing around the gums, or abnormal mobility of teeth, that may indicate the presence of active gum disease.
  • A check for the presence of dental decay within the teeth and around current fillings.
  • An assessment of your current bite arrangement to identify any potential issues that could cause future damage to the teeth or fillings.
  • An examination of the movement of the jaw joints and associated muscles may be necessary if signs and symptoms suggest an underlying problem.